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Arist Alemayehu Bizuneh was born in the town of Hirana, Harrarge Province on September 15, 1929.  Mr. Bizuneh studied Sculpture and Mosaic Art for five years at the Addis Ababa Arts Institute and graduated in 1964 as the first batch of graduates for art school. After his graduation he worked for Ethiopian National Museum for 2 years before he went to study in France.  He studied Painting in France and obtained his B.Sc degree from Ecole National Museum of Paris 1970.  In 1976 he was invited by the Federal Republic of Germany where he painted the famous traditional art known as "Das Hungertuch" or Semune Himamat" (Last week of Lent) famous art throughout Europe. The original canvas art he painted in Germany "Das Hungertuch" or Semune Himamat" was so admired and loved by many people. In the early 80's it got the respect it deserved when it was duplicated as a greeting card formats throughout Europe. Since then many more has printed and sold.  


Good Memories

Greeting Cards


Mosaic and Sculpture Exhibition at Ethiopian Post office building in the 1960th

The Artist’s well known Art
“Das Hunger Tuch” finished in the 1980th

… some Good memories